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UC Berkeley Acceptance Rate

UC Berkeley acceptance rates vary widely depending on the student’s GPA and test scores. Students with a high GPA may have lower odds, but a strong test score may compensate for a low GPA. A diverse student or child of an alumnus may have an advantage. Athletics and extracurriculars may also increase your chances. Generally, UC Berkeley only considers applicants in the 75th percentile range.

Applicants with the highest SAT/ACT scores will receive a higher acceptance rate than those with low SAT/ACT scores. UC Berkeley does not publish its average high school class rank. However, it has stated that 96% to 100% of the class of 2025 graduated in the top 25%. Obviously, you must be a very good student to get into Berkeley. In addition to your SAT and ACT scores, you should also be able to convince the admissions board with your papers, extracurricular activities, and reference letters.

If you’re considering applying to UC Berkeley, be sure to prepare for the admissions process by completing all of the admissions requirements early on. Once accepted, this is the beginning of your school career. To begin the application process, you’ll need to create an account on the UC Application page. Once you have done this, you’ll be ready to apply for a program at UC Berkeley.

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