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I Hate College Party Culture

I hate college party culture. It is dangerous, insensitive, and unnecessary. It challenges our social boundaries, and is sponsored by peer pressure. The problem? The “ratio” policy puts us at risk and teaches women to behave inappropriately. Women should have the right to enjoy themselves, and college parties should reflect this. However, many of us feel obligated to partake in these parties, regardless of gender or race.

One reason that many college students are wary of college party cultures is the stigma attached to them. While college is supposed to be a time for self-discovery and growth, the traditional image of the college party scene creates a dangerous case of FOMO. While college is a time for self-discovery, movies such as “Animal House” show how the student population celebrates on a college campus.

Fortunately, there are ways to make college parties a positive experience. For instance, at the University of Delaware, students celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and homecoming weekend. There is also “Spring Fling” and an 80’s-themed “Safety Dance.” While it may be difficult to make friends in the college environment, students can enjoy their time in college while still observing their own limits. If you’re among those who don’t like college party culture, consider going to a different college.

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