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How to Generate New Ideas

A busy executive is not a person who is likely to accept new ideas. Instead, they’re often bombarded with problems that need immediate attention. It’s not uncommon to encounter an idea that seems too good to be true, but that really has no chance of succeeding. As an idea man, it’s vital to accept this reality and present his new idea with a clear sense of risk. As a result, he will likely face resistance from the executive unless he can provide an excellent risk reduction reason.

When we are brainstorming, we will often find that people will suggest ways to improve existing ideas. For instance, they might suggest ways to buy coffee for less. If you ask them how they could achieve this, they’ll offer solutions without constraints. These people are usually able to use their imagination to find solutions that work for their goals. For a business, new ideas can result in greater efficiency and a better product. The key to generating new ideas is to be creative and to keep an open mind.

Once you have gathered a list of ideas, you must filter them through them and implement them. It’s best to focus on those ideas that you have time to implement. In addition to brainstorming, you should also try to take a break from your work by focusing on something else for five minutes. By doing so, you’ll be able to generate more ideas in that time frame. For even better results, you can also ask your colleagues for their input.

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