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How to Find Proof Alexa is Listening

If you’re wondering how to find proof Alexa is listening, there are a few options you can use. First, you can check out recordings that Alexa has made, either listen to them or delete them. Depending on the device, you may be able to find recordings that contain no text or just a title that reads ‘Text not available.’ These are likely recordings made by a false wake or a device that recorded you for a few extra seconds.

For example, a Portland, Oregon family discovered their Alexa device recorded their private conversation when they activated it with the wake word. The family never knew Alexa was recording their conversation, and the device erroneously interpreted their private conversation as “send message,” and forwarded it to their address book. The family was horrified, and contacted Amazon to find out what had happened. However, Amazon was not very helpful, and they are still working on a fix.

In addition to mishearing, Alexa also makes mistakes when it listens. Anyone who owns an Echo device has experienced mishearing, or having their conversations misinterpreted by Alexa. This could include answering questions you haven’t asked or hearing the wake word on a TV show. Other times, Alexa may mistake the wake word for a private conversation, or mishearing a command that was not intended.

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